Why Collectors Can't Be The Entire Audience
Spotify vs. TikTok, AI Copyright, Namdcamp Union
Calls for an FTC probe have little potential.
New book navigates the balancing act. We interviewed the authors.

February 2023

The new feature might mean more than Gen Z pandering
Snoop Dogg's New Streaming, Spotify's New Investor, Louis Vuitton's New CD
The Latest USC Report Snows Minimal Progress Towards Equality
Vice Guide To Culture 2023 barely mentions music in it's 135 pages.

January 2023

Fortunately, its a friendly ghost.
Fraudulent streams and fake virality can't beat old fashioned curation.
It's a bumper crop of commentary — snide, sincere and sassy.
UMG $750M Class Action Suit, Live Nation's Lobbying Budget, RIAA vs. AI, Sony Music's $160M Liable Loss